Dynamik Time

1) Priming mode
(Switch position MOM / Priming) “Pump run for all time long that the switch is pressed”
2) Working mode
(Switch position ON / Run)  “Wait trigger to start  dosing”  
Pump waits a “trigger,”when the pump receives a it, the pump start to dose.

Pump can works in the following two ways:


A.  Batch Dosing
: the pump starts every time receive the external trigger and work only for the set active time.
set A (activation time) from 1 to 60 min and P (pause time) to 0.


B.    Cyclic Dosing: the pump works cyclically until the trigger is present.
set  A (activation time) and P (pause time) from 1 to 60 minutes

3) Programming mode (Switch position OFF / Stand-by) “Pump is stopped”

Press Time key to adjust dosing time limit:
1)       A (Active – dosing time) from 1 to 60 minutes
2)       P (Pause – wait time) from 0 to 60 minutes

Press Dosing to adjust flow rate pump:
A = Summer 4 litre/h
B = Middle season 2 litre/h
C = Winter 1 litre/h

Customer may use this function to select the desired dosing amount according to the season or to the period of use of the swimming pool.

General Features
  • Power Supply 100÷240 Vac
  • Digital Display
  • Priming (MOM), Run (ON), Stand-by (OFF) mode selectable by switch
  • Flow rate 4, 2 and 1 l/h  (@ 1,5 Bar) selectable by programming menù
  • External trigger 24÷240 Vac