SEKO presents a completely new series of dosing pumps, which replaces the predecessor models of the Tekna series of the TKN_AKL Italian manufacturer under the name teknaEVO.
During the new development the special attention was predominantly aligned to three areas:

  • With wide flow scope the pumps should be as flexible as possible in the applications. In teknaEVO series flows from 1 to 60 l/h are covered, whereby all pumps have the same external dimensions, and with that an easy substitution is possible with just 4 models.
  • High chemical compatibility should make the employment approximately as much as possible for material possible. By the employment of PVDF for the pump head and ceramic for the balls of the valves as standard, teknaEVO pumps are reliably applicable against most of chemicals
  • Durable diaphragm technology should increase the lifetime of the diaphragm clearly. Full teflon diaphragms were developed, which were optimized with special arts of manufacturing and Design on a lifetime of more than 5 years.

TKN_APG The development of the new teknaEVO series generally already depended on the strategic principles, which have been defined for the development of the dosing pump Invikta, which is the smaller brother of teknaEVO.

The consistent industrialization of progressive technology plays thereby a central role in as much as these are to be made available for the market with correct prices.

The concrete development steps refer thereby in same emphasis to the technical innovation and the economic industrialization, which gives an important contribution at the total innovation.
In the strategy of SEKO this plays a substantially more important role than the implementation of new high-level technology, which is to be marketed thereafter with high-end prices. Such products are no more economic today in the typical application fields and hardly generate an additional benefit.

This way of innovation is since longer an important mainspring of the development department of SEKO, which constitutes with more than 50 engineers more than 15 % of the total personnel of the Italian group

Leader in dimension and dosing range

The relatively high dosing ranges of the new teknaEVO pumps have a repeated advantage for the practical work in the different applications.
The pumps can be used very much flexibly and the number of models, which must be held in stock, reduce to four, which take off a dosing range of 1 - 60 l/h. With roughly  the same dimensions for all models the replacement also for different flow ranges in fixed installations is simply possible and fast.
The housings are built in enclosure IP 65 and can be installed in three kinds.
Surely the wall assembly is particularly interesting, since display and pump head are arranged on the same side.Assembly on water meters is additionally just as possible as these on the optional foot.TKN_TPG1 

Fully chemically compatibly

By the employment of a full Teflon diaphragm and a general use of PVDF pump heads with ceramic balls for the valves, there is hardly an application, which cannot be driven in full chemical compatibility.
The new Design of the ball valves permits a simple flushing; the self centring a simple priming of the pumps.
All pumps are equipped in the scope of supply with standard installation accessoiries, from the foot filter with check valve, injection valve up to sucking in and pressure  hose.

Longer maintenance cyclesTKN_TPR
The full teflon diaphragm is practically unbreakable due to the special design and production process. On test conditions a lifetime ofmore than 5 years was achieved.
Thus the maintenance cycles could be clearly extended by far against comparable pumps in competition.

Constant metering rate
By the employment of a stabilized multi-tension power supply for the range 100 -240 VAC with 50/60 cycles per second a constant achievement is reached with low current consumption. Influences of fluctuations are balanced and the operating cost are lowered due to the small current consumption. TKN_TCKIntuitive programming permits the simply adjusting of the desired parameters.
SEKO presents the new dosing pump teknaEVO at the same time internationally and relies thereby on the 12 subsidiaries and commercial representations in more than 60 countries.
SEKO places itself to the requirement to carry as an important international manufacturer with accepted innovation into the markets.


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